Residential Interior design

At ICHIZEL we design the best Home interior that will inspire, not just for you but in a way that will push our interior design capabilities beyond all boundaries of creativity.
Our goal and vision is to ensure that every home interior design project we undertake is individual, unique and customized to the preferences and tastes of each client. We take pride in being one of the most reputable interior design firms in Bangalore.

Alongside customizing as well as customized and commercial interior space design for their highly regarded clients, Ichizel Interior also has an extensive group of 3D visualization companies who offer high-quality, flexible, and inexpensive 3D visualisation to customers from Bangalore and different cities.

One-stop solution for all your home Interior Designing needs in Bangalore and the surrounding cities. We offer not just innovative flexible and effective home design solutions for clients seeking Apartment Interior Design, Villa Interior Design and Bungalow Interior Design in Bangalore and other cities. We adhere to the artistic and aesthetic sensibilities of the locale and come up with interiors for homes that are modern, contemporary and also traditional Interior