Commercial Interior Design

Our innovative interior design experts create a unique and customized space for your education or commercial business. We create environments that are welcoming and attractive with consideration for the business’s specific needs. From concept to the execution of all commercial spaces such as clinics, offices, schools, or colleges we believe in making the process seamless, effortless and pleasurable for our customers. Let us assist you in creating the most effective Commercial as well as Educational Design to suit your needs!

Ichizel Interior is a single-stop solution for designing an impressive commercial interior spaces. The wide range of Interior decorating solutions in South India that are offered in this section of Commercial Space Design by Ichizel Interior Interiors in Bangalore and across the country include the following:

Retail Space Design:- It is a service that includes interior design of exclusive spaces for consumers with a distinct look of every brand. The designs for retail spaces tend to be done in Shopping malls’ interiors as well as departmental stores. They also have exclusive showrooms, as in brand-specific spaces for visual merchandising.

Interior design for offices:- This service is designed to utilize space to showcase the various brands of corporations and can be designed to create offices for different types of companies. Community Centers Museums, Community Centers Stores, Warehouses and Library Design The design service is available for those looking to build practical, yet attractively designed public spaces that can be used for a variety of particular communities purposes.Innovative commercial interior Design solutions!